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Mission Statement


Gymnastics Unlimited offers classes to children under the age of 5 because we believe that every child can have fun and benefit from movement education. These types of classes will improve each child’s physical fitness, self-esteem, personal skills, and social skills. Gymnastics Unlimited understands this is a special group with special needs. To address these points, Gymnastics Unlimited provides special equipment and a curriculum that fits the appropriate age level.

The activities in these classes will help each child develop as an individual and enjoy a successful movement experience.



Gymnastics Unlimited's number one goal is to provide a fun, progressive learning experience in a positive environment for its students, with everyone’s safety in mind. This is the daily pursuit of the entire staff at Gymnastics Unlimited. In the ongoing effort to improve this service, Gymnastics Unlimited will continually update its facility and the staff will be constantly continuing their education. Every child at Gymnastics Unlimited will experience the joy of movement through successful participation.

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