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ANNUAL FAMILY MEMBERSHIP------------------------------------------------------$40.00


Annual membership is forty ($40.00) dollars.  Membership is good for twelve (12) months from the date you join and is a family membership.  For a student to be enrolled he/she must be a member.


Tuition is paid on a monthly basis. Tuition will be prorated for months with extra classes and recognized holidays.


Full tuition is due the 25th of the month prior. There will be a $20 administration fee for tuition not paid prior to the child’s first class of the month. Unpaid tuition will result in the loss of enrollment.


Makeups are given for any class missed. Make ups must be scheduled through the office within 60 days of missed class.


The tuition listed below is based on a 4-lesson month. Discounts are given for siblings, students taking multiple classes, and cash. Payments can be made with cash, check, or cards. Card payments must be set up on the parent portal. Discounts on cash payments.


HOT TOTS (45 MINUTES 1X WEEK)------------------------------------$82.00/MONTH

LITTLE GYM (45 MINUTES 1X WEEK)-----------------------------------$88.00/MONTH

STAGE I OR II (1 HOUR 1X WEEK)  --------------------------------------$92.00/MONTH

TUMBLING (1 HOUR 1X WEEK) ----------------------------------------$92.00/MONTH

STAGE I & II (1 HOUR 2X WEEK)--------------------------------------$176.00/MONTH

STAGE III (1 HOUR 2X WEEK)-----------------------------------------$176.00/MONTH


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